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Savox Vision System

The Savox Vision System is designed to fulfill vehicle vision requirements in crisis situations. 


Savox provides integrated data and communications systems for demanding environments.

The Vision system is an overall camera solution for vehicle use in crisis situations. It’s easily configurable, user friendly and easily maintained. Our video systems tailored and scaled according to used vehicles and vessels guarantee a safe and seamless connection between the vehicle and team. 

Savox Vision System and Soldier


Based on open communication interfaces

The system is based on open communication interfaces, allowing different third part components to be connected as part of the system.

The system CAN bus is fault tolerant and every input/output is independent. Analog Video PAL signal and analog switching video feed is close to real time without delays. Different action triggers can be configured to make event-based changes. Star connection reduces the amount of cablings. When using Power Distributor, the powering video signal and CAN bus are delivered within one cable this eliminates the need for multiple cable routings inside the vehicle, minimizing the risk of failures.

Key benefits:

  • The system is compliant with any PAL/NTSC sensors

  • Universal CAN BUS interface

  • Versatile view control and camera control

  • System control to displays with integrated buttons or external control

  • Fully MIL-STD compliant components

  • Easy to configure and assemble

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