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Rugged products for professional use in harsh conditions

Savox provides communication products and solutions with superior user experience for professional teams - whatever the conditions. Savox communication controllers, headsets as well as video and ICT related products with their functional and rugged design and excellent audio quality, enhances the operational capability at mission critical tasks where failure is not an option.


We provide reliable communications and data equipment for mounted and dismounted soldier systems. We leverage our proven capabilities of technology innovation and integration to strengthen communications between commanders and troops.

Public Safety

Safety and security are pressing issues in today´s world. Issues that impact millions of lives across the globe. We help making the world a safer place by providing a range of reliable communication and search and rescue equipment for public safety professionals in demanding conditions.


We want to help keep professionals safe at all times. Construction work, military duties, manufacturing and many other professions entail noisy environments and hazards that present risk potential. We develop and manufacture reliable communication equipment and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for professional needs.

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