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TRICS - Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller

Savox TRICS meets the communication demands of special missions by providing clear and reliable communication.

The modern threat landscape is complex and tactical teams are challenged by mission critical operations that demand high-level operational capability. The ability to respond quickly in changing environments and make informed decisions can only be achieved with a full operational overview. Savox TRICS meets the communication demands of special missions by providing clear and reliable communication. 

Soldier and police dressed in their gear and utilizing SAVOX TRICS

Flexible Communications for Mission Critical Operations

Key Benefits: 

  • Completely software-controlled device allows customer configurations to fit specific user requirements 
  • Remote control of up to 4 different channels and devices: combine radios, smartphones and other LTE devices and vehicle intercom systems 
  • Dynamic audio routing enables users to choose the best audio options 
  • Can be used as a regular remote speaker microphone 
  • Voice amplifier function allows communication while wearing protective gear like respirator masks and headsets 
  • Information and data can be transmitted quickly and systematically 
  • Voice prompted menu in several languages 
  • Silent buttons for discrete use and silent approaches 
  • Compatible with a wide range of headsets 

Versatile communication controller for Radios, Smartphones and Intercoms

Communication Control That Brings the Whole Operation Together 

Communication is the key factor in achieving enhanced operational understanding. 
Savox TRICS interconnects the

  • command post
  • commander vehicle &
  • dismounted teams. 
Communications needs can also change in different mission phases, which sets further requirements for a versatile and flexible communication system. Due to its modular and flexible structure TRICS offers an optimized communication solution for mission critical operations, where collaboration between teams is crucial.

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