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TRICS - Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller

Enhanced Situational Awareness

In a critical operation, situational awareness plays a significant role in decision making. With TRICS® (Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller), information and data can be transmitted quickly and systematically leading to enhanced situational awareness: the user knows and understands what is happening with the entire team and can predict the dynamics of the environment.

Designed In Cooperation With End-Users

TRICS® is closely designed in cooperation with end-users, packed with unique features and aimed at meeting the main communication challenges in harsh conditions. Its rugged design with reliable, easy operated buttons and tough connectors means TRICS® can control up to four different wired devices. It is designed for public safety and tactical situations where it is necessary to control multiple devices simultaneously. It is an indispensable solution for mission-critical communication.

Voice prompted user interface makes it effortless to use TRICS®. Voice prompts transmit instant feedback on their selections and changes, and all necessary information is received when adjusting selections without having to view the gear.

Internal speakers and microphone make it possible to use it without a headset. This means the user can actually use TRICS® as a speaker for a small team in close proximity, thus communicating the information to the whole team the fastest way possible. Some users also prefer to use it as a speaker microphone so that nothing has to be worn over the ear. When necessary, the user can plug in a headset to make the system more personal.

Voice amplifier option, audio can be shared with a larger group and a protective mask with an internal mic connected to TRICS®.

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