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SearchCam 3000 - Technical Search and Rescue Camera

The SearchCam 3000 is designed to locate victims trapped in collapsed buildings, under water inspections, and many others. Its articulating waterproof camera head with LED lighting helps pinpoint the victims location so rescuers can extract them. The SearchCam’s on-screen graphics help direct rescue teams to victim locations and how to begin extraction. The two-way audio allows rescuers to communicate directly with victims. Rescuers can record audio and video, as well as take still photos during the search.

Key Benefits

  • Quick-disconnect cameras - switch from Color to Infrared
  • Records video, voice and still images
  • Waterproof camera – up to 75 feet (23 meters)
  • Camera head with 240º articulation and 280º total field of vision
  • Automatic head centering to assist in extraction while in use Interchangeable tube sets – camera extends from 92 inches to 223 inches (234 cm to 566 cm)
  • Internal cable management limits snags and hangups (direct advantage over Group Leader)
  • Hot swappable batteries
  • Sling caring solution for hands-free hiking/walking
  • Pistol grip control allows for operation by a single searcher

Technical Information

  • CAMERA: Color, 1/4" CCD, 0.4 Lux, 350 lines, auto iris
  • PROBE ARTICULATION: Pistol grip controls
  • ILLUMINATION: 16 element white LED array with multiple levels
  • DISPLAY MONITOR: 5.75" diagonal, ClearSearch trans-reflective LCD screen
  • VICTIM COMMUNICATION: Two way - located at the camera probe
  • OPERATOR HEADSET: Noise attenating boom microphone, under helmet style
  • SYSTEM LENGTH: Telescopes from 41" to 92" (104.3 cm to 234 cm)
  • PROBE WEIGHT: 8.8lbs (4 kg) including batteries
  • ARTICULATION TRAVEL: 240° total - right to left
  • VIEWING DISTANCE: 20' (6 m) total darkness
  • BATTERY: XtraCharge Blue Lithium-ion Battery Stick
  • OPERATIONAL TEMPERATURE: 14° to 140° F (-10° to 60° C)
  • RECOMMENDED STORAGE TEMP: 0° - 80 ° F (4° - 26° C)
  • WATER/DUST: Submersible camera head
  • STORAGE TYPE: Pelican® water tight and dust tight

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