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Savox Mounted Soldier System

Savox Mounted Soldier System

Soldier Interface for Mission-Critical Information

Savox Mounted Soldier system enhances operational capability during mission-critical operations. It comprises of tactical intercom systems, on-board and off-board sensors, tactical networks, and computers.

The Savox Mounted Soldier System offers communications stability in unstable environments. The fully digital system integrates perfectly with other vehicle systems. The architecture ensures communication capability even if a communication node is lost, making sure the whole system isn’t crippled and therefore battle damage resilient. The Mounted Soldier System is modular, which makes it scalable for various applications including boats and vehicles.

  • Fully digital system with better integration into other vehicle systems
  • Digital system offers more mission resilience
  • Future-proof - addition of new capabilities
  • Excellent and expandable data throughput capacity
  • Modular and scalable system
  • Sensor integration (radar, CBRN, etc.)
  • Wireless tram communications as an option
  • Higher security (better encryption)
  • Upgradeable via software

Savox Products for Mounted Soldier System:

SAVOX IMP Control & Command System

The Savox IMP Control and Command System is an advanced platform that offers high quality communications for both land and maritime/naval operations.

SAVOX Vision System

The Vision system is an overall camera solution for vehicle use in crisis situations.

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