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Mask Communication

Our mask communication solution range covers basic mask integrated headsets which enable clear quality audio communication when wearing a mask in a critical operation. In addition, we offer more complex, versatile mask communication solutions with integrated voice amplifier. The voice amplifier enables conversation with team members in close proximity also without radio communication and its speech algorithms reduce breath sounds.

The mask communication solutions enhances operational capability in critical communication as fire fighters operate in very demanding environments surrounded by heat and smoke when putting out the fire. In cooperation with world leading military mask providers we offer mask communication solutions also for special police forces or military troops who need to be able to operate in toxic environments.

Savox Mask Communication Products:

SAVOX TM-1 Throat Mic Headset

SAVOX TC-1 Ex Throat Mic Headset


The SAVOX C-C440 com-control unit is a push-to-talk unit designed for use with your two-way radio in demanding environments. It offers easy and reliable communication for professionals requiring durable equipment when operating in harsh conditions, and is ideal for those who need to communicate hands-free and/or with their radio secured underneath protective clothing. With a headset, it provides a hands-free way to stay connected with your team and ensure the efficiency and safety of your operations. Rugged to IP67.


The SAVOX C-C550 is a combined remote speaker microphone and body worn push-to-talk unit. It is rugged and has been extensively tested (MIL-STD-810G) to provide robust and reliable communications for professionals working in harsh conditions. The C-C550 is dust tight and submersible in water up to 1m (IP67). The SAVOX C-C550 enables effective remote communications with the radio positioned under clothing and when wearing heavy gloves. Remote activation of the radio’s emergency button (radio specific) provides an additional safety feature.


The SAVOX TRICS® is the communications equipment for tactical operations. This tactical radio and intercom system can be customized to meet the communication needs of Special forces units of today both within Armed Forces, Police, Civil Defence, Customs and Border Guard.

SAVOX Noise-COM 200

SAVOX Noise-COM 200 Hearing Protection Headset has been developed to meet the highest demands of durability, ergonomics and hear through capabilities. It provides effective hearing protection against everyday noises present during demanding tasks, while still enhancing situational awareness to the maximum.

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