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Savox IMP Control and Command system

Whether on the open sea or running through land operations, the need for clear communications is paramount. The SAVOX IMP Control and Command system ensures reliable and robust communication in the most hostile environments. 



At the core of IMP is a digital 100Mb Ethernet backbone

Savox IMP is a user-friendly and robust intercom system for various environments in any transportation vehicle. IMP is designed to ease communication inside and outside the vehicle, allowing users to discuss internally with the intercom feature or to reach out to others over the radio link.

Savox IMP is a personalizable intercom system consisting of robust modules connected to each other, allowing the system to be easily accessed by the team inside the vehicle. With the possibility of including radio(s) in the system, the team members can also contact external members of the operation, providing them with additional information, for example, surroundings or status elsewhere.


Savox IMP provides Intercom, Radio Control & Common Core Platform for data distribution

Key Features of Savox IMP Intercom system: 

  • Easy to use, easy to integrate
  • High-quality communications, both land and maritime/naval operations 
  • Supporting multiple voice groups and different access levels 

  • Immediately operating after being powered on, consuming very little energy

  • Scalable, capable of handling communication needs from one user and one radio to dozens of users and radios

  • Integration of intercom, radio, and high-speed data transfer

  • Digital, configurable, and customizable, allowing clear, robust voice and easily changeable functionality in different situations

  • Battle damage tolerant because of the system’s architecture; there’s no central unit

  • CE Electrical, MIL Std 461 EMC, MIL Std 810E Standard

Savox IMP-F Intercom system

Savox IMP-F Intercom system empowers your teams with situational awareness both onboard and beyond their vehicle or vessel. This groundbreaking solution provides your teams seamless freedom of movement within and in the vicinity of their vehicle or vessel.

The system consists of The Savox IMP system, Savox WIM (Wireless Interface Module), and a specific number of Savox WPCU’s (Wireless Personal Communication Unit).

Key Features of Savox IMP-F Intercom system: 

  • Flexible system that adapts to your team’s needs

  • Seamless freedom of movement when needed

  • Team communication with up to 10 wireless users

  • Use several radios connected to the intercom system
  • Designed to withstand even the hardest conditions
  • Improves situational awareness  
  • No fear of losing communication during a mission

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