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Savox IMP Control and Command System

Whether on the open sea or running through land operations, the need for clear communications is paramount. The SAVOX IMP Control and Command System ensures reliable and robust communcation in the most hostaile environments. 



At the core of IMP is a digital 100Mb Ethernet backbone

Savox IMP is a user friendly and robust intercom system for various environments in any kind of transportation vehicle. IMP is designed to ease the communication inside and also outside the vehicle, allowing users to discuss internally with the intercom feature, or to reach out for others over the radio link.

Savox IMP is a personalizable intercom system, consisting of robust modules connected to each other, allowing the system to be easily accessed by the team inside the vehicle. With the possibility to include radio(s) to the system, the team members can contact also external members of the operation, providing them with the additional information for example surroundings or the status elsewhere.


Savox IMP Provides Intercom, Radio Control & Common Core Platform for Data Distribution

Key Features: 

  • High Quality communications both land and marinetime/naval operations 
  • Inegration of intercom, radio and high speed data transfer
  • Software defined and programmable
  • Configurable and scalable for large and small vessels
  • CE Electrical, MIL Std 461 EMC, MIL Std 810E Standards
  • Compact and easy to install

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