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We provide reliable and cost-effective communications and data equipment for mounted and dismounted soldier systems and mask communication. We leverage our proven capabilities of technology innovation and integration to strengthen communications in critical operations. You can depend on our solutions in harsh and rapidly changing environments.


Savox TRICSĀ® is a versatile communication controller for radios, phones and intercoms. This communication solution for the Armed Forces, Police, Civil Defence, Customs and Border Guard Special Forces enables communication between multiple users and radios with only one device.

Savox IMP Control and Command System

The Savox IMP Control and Command System is part of the Savox Mounted Soldier System concept. This advanced platform offers high quality communications for both land and maritime/naval operations.
Savox Mask Communications system

Mask Communication

Our mask communication solution range covers basic mask integrated headsets which enable clear quality audio communication when wearing a mask in a critical operation. In addition, we offer more complex, versatile mask communication solutions with integrated voice amplifier.

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