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We don't just offer a wide range of products and systems, but also a variety of exceptional services. Our goal is to make our solutions last longer and allow our clients to operate smoothly in their daily operations. Our services include everything from simple repair and maintenance to field commissioning, testing, training, and full design and manufacturing services.


We understand that each of our clients has unique needs, and that's why we offer tailored solutions to meet those needs. Whether it's adding or removing features to adjust the product to the customer's intended use or creating a completely new product based on customer specifications, Savox has the unique combination of in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities to deliver.




The benefits of working with Savox are unmatched. By entrusting us with the product development process, our clients can focus more on marketing their products. They don't need to worry about making large upfront investments for R&D or setting up a custom production line. With our skills and experience, especially in manufacturing, we help our clients achieve their goals.


Why choose Savox?


We are a leading company with a proven track record and a trusted and well-known brand. We always prioritize quality and have extensive technical expertise. With in-house design, sourcing, and several manufacturing sites globally, we have a strong supply chain that brings flexibility to our clients, helping them move in an agile way.




We take pride in our capabilities and expertise, and this is reflected in our numerous certifications. For instance, we have extensive knowledge of EX product development, a proven track record in the ODM business, and we are a trusted partner for all the major radio manufacturers. We are also a leading company in the Fire headset market, and we have in-house resources from development to manufacturing. Our manufacturing sites in Finland and Shenzhen are ISO 9001/14001 certified, and both Shenzhen and Savonlinna factories have ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018 - Part 34: Application of quality management systems for Ex Product manufacture and IECEx Rule 02 Explosive atmospheres. Additionally, we have experience in Bluetooth product development.


If you're a Savox customer with EX product development, we invite you to experience the Savox difference. Our tailored solutions, extensive knowledge, experience, and commitment to quality make us the perfect partner for your business.


We help make the world a safer place by providing a range of reliable communication equipment for demanding conditions.

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