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SC 3000 Kit 1 Color camera, Audio

Product code: 6000-11-001

SAVOX SearchCam 3000 is a state-of-the-art technical search camera selected by professional Urban Search and Rescue teams all around the world.

It’s designed to handle full range of rescue scenarios: locate victims trapped in collapsed buildings, under water inspections, vehicle extrication and many other incidents. Its submersible camera head with hi-power LED lighting provides clear picture even in large underground cavities. The SearchCam helps to quickly detect trapped victims and ultimately extract them. The integrated two-way audio capability allows rescuers to communicate directly with the victim. SearchCam 3000 Kit 1 Color comes with standard-length telescopic tube set and a color video camera head. Long tube set and IR camera are available as optional, and they can be found in the Kit 1 IR and Kit 2. See corresponding product pages for details. 

Key benefits: 

  • Quick-disconnect camera head - switch from Color to Infrared (IR optional)
  • Records video, sound and still images
  • Waterproof camera head – submersible up to 75 feet (23 meters)
  • Camera head with 240º articulation and 280º total field of vision
  • Automatic head centering assists in extraction from a void
  • Interchangeable tube sets – camera extends from 92 inches to 223 inches (234 cm to 566 cm)
  • Internal cable management reduces snagging and hang-ups
  • Hot swappable batteries – no need to power down the unit for battery change
  • Clear synergy with SAVOX Delsar Life Detector as the same batteries and charger are used in both systems.
  • Carry sling solution included
  • Controls for the key features located in the pistol grip for ease of use
Additional Information
Market Segment Public Safety
Product code 6000-11-001
Size L 1371 mm
Size W 432 mm
Size H 178 mm
Weight 20.9 kg
Options IR Camera
Long tube set
Extension tube
Visual Search Sensor Yes
Two-way Victim Communications Yes
Battery Type XTRACharge
Delivered In a Heavy-duty Case Yes
Camera Type Color
Illumination 16 white high output LED with 5 levels
Video Display Transflective video display
Second Screen Connectivity Yes
Camera Head Articulation 240 °
Camera Head Total Field of Vision 280 °
Video Recording Capability Yes
Still Photo Shooting Capable Yes
Modular Camera System Yes
Interchangeable Tube Set Yes
Reach of the Telescopic Tube Set 2.34 m
Extension Cable 75'/23m Yes

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