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Rescue Kit 1 Ex- with Power Talk Box

Product code: 0113-01-002

Savox Con-Space hardline Rescue Kit 1 with Power Talk Box is our best selling technical rescue confined space kit. It is designed for:

  • Confined space rescue
  • Collapse rescue
  • Urban search and rescue
  • High angle rescue
  • Trench rescue

It enables simultaneous, two-way voice communications between the rescuers and the victim. Rescuers use it where traditional radios fail or when hands-free, secured communications are required.

Attendants communicate with entrants and monitor their safety. The backup team can also listen to the entrants’ rescue and be ready to relieve them.

The power talk box is a portable intercom system that is dropped down the hole before entry to determine a victim’s condition.

The whole system and accessories are waterproof. The rugged molded fiberglass enclosures, all external knobs, and signal cables with their military connectors are impervious to a wide range of acids, alkalis, fuels, and other corrosive chemicals including Skydrol. All of the above coupled with a highest level of intrinsic safe approval is why you can trust them with your life.


Key Benefits

  • Hands free two-way voice communication
  • Use in encapsulated suits with respirators or any make/model of breathing apparatus
  • No miscommunication leading to better teamwork
  • Tested to MIL-STD 461
  • Private network Emits no RF signals
  • Intrinsically safe approved
  • Rugged, reliable, chemical resistant
Additional Information
Market Segment Public Safety
Product code 0113-01-002
Weight 27.2 kg
Full-duplex, Two-way Voice Communication Yes
Number of Users 6
Private Communication Network Yes
Alarm Functionality Optional
Power Talk Box Yes

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