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Hasty Search Kit

Product code: 6000-22-001

The Hasty Search Kit™ has been specifically configured for urban search and rescue teams, “enhanced" rescue squads, regional task forces and SUSAR teams who are seeking a high quality, easy to use, cost effective, all-in-one technical search system for their standard equipment cache. The Hasty Search Kit™ comes complete in one easy to store case and is designed to be both easily transportable and rapidly deployable anywhere disaster strikes.

The kit includes the Delsar® LifeDetector® Mini system that provides seismic detection of victims and the all new SearchCam Recon III for visual search and location operations.

The equipment contained in the Hasty Search Kit™ is cross compatible with other members of our rescue product family: SearchCam 3000™, and Delsar® LD3 LifeDetector®. Batteries and chargers are completely interchangeable to assist with logistical issues such as battery management during full scale deployments or events.

Key Benefits

  • Ruggedized camera
  • Seismic victim location abilities
  • Heavy duty single storage case
  • Rapid to deploy
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Extremely cost effective
Additional Information
Market Segment Public Safety
Product code 6000-22-001
Size L 1371 mm
Size W 432 mm
Size H 178 mm
Weight 22.2 kg
Options Delsar® Victim Simulator
Acoustic Sensor #1
Acoustic Sensor #2
Visual Search Sensor Yes
Acoustic Search Sensor Yes
Seismic Search Sensor Yes
Two-way Victim Communications Yes
Battery Type XTRACharge
Delivered In a Heavy-duty Case Yes
Camera Type Color
Illumination 16 white high output LED with 2 levels
Video Display ClearSearch Transflective
Camera Head Articulation 240 °
Camera Head Total Field of Vision 280 °
Reach of the Telescopic Tube Set 1.435 m

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