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Customer stories

Sonim: Savox TRICS

Savox Communications and Sonim Technologies work in close cooperation on the Tactical Radio and Intercom Controller System (TRICS®) designed for enhanced situational awareness. TRICS is compatible with Sonim's XP8, XP5s and XP3 handsets, and generally compatible with up to four devices, including radios, smartphones and other LTE devices. Savox TRICS is designed for military, special forces, tactical teams and first responders working in mission critical operations.

"Interoperability between land mobile radios (LMR) and LTE cellular handsets is a key need for mission critical communications. The TRICS RSM provides a single interface to support both a land mobile radio and Sonim handset. Sonim and Savox are providing an inherently safe and reliable communications solution to meet this need."

John Graff, CMO, Sonim Technologies

Dräger: Integrated Communication

Savox provides its partner Dräger with integrated communication products, such as audio technology for firefighters' helmets. Dräger appreciates agile partners with high standards both in quality and reliability:

“Our clients trust us, our products and our technology with the most valuable thing there is – their lives.”

Alexander Knapp, Global Product Manager at Dräger.


“We have chosen to work with Savox thanks to their good reputation and long experience from working to enhance operational capability in critical team communication. As a companion to the Nokia Industrial portfolio of ruggedized phones and handhelds it is essential to increase usability with accessories that are on par with our devices. The collaboration with Savox is smooth and dynamic, and we look forward to continuing our joint efforts.”

Niko Lindström, Head of Device Solutions, Nokia Enterprise Solutions

Helicopter surface rescuer from Finnish Coast Guard

“Imagine a situation where you need to communicate quickly to save lives. There is a helicopter next to you and 150 decibels of noise. In a situation like this, Savox's products are indispensable because we can integrate with different radios and communicate with everyone at the same time. Not forgetting the incredible noise cancel feature, which allows communication to be successful even in the middle of a lot of noise. 

Rescue professional from Lithuanian Coast Guard

“We use Savox products’s because the audio quality is amazing and the products help us to do our work better.”


"Cooperation with Savox is easy-going and smooth. Over the past few years, we have developed together several systems for military use, for several end customers. The collaboration between Savox and Patria combines decades of military technology know-how and awareness of the challenging user needs of military customers. Product development has been fast and dialogue has been open, although we operate under the pressure of challenging schedules and a multi-project environment. We can recommend Savox products to be integrated into our vehicles in future customer projects as well.”


"TAIT, the long-standing partner of Savox, is supplying London Fire Brigade’s firefighters with powerful digital portable radios and rugged speaker microphones. London Fire Brigade was looking for a solution that would help the Firefighters to communicate, even if several different radio technologies are in use, and would have comprehensive audibility—also, the use of their own and LTE Networks in smooth cooperation. They also wanted to have ATEX-enabled high broadcast frequency radios which allow the firefighters to talk with each other close by without any loop errors in their communication. The London Fire Brigade had a need for different kinds of mask communication solutions as well. All these requirements had strict compliance requirements. TAIT together with Savox and the local partner RadioComs were able to overcome the challenges related to the demanding customer needs and requirements, as Savox has extensive experience in mask communication solutions. Read more about the TAIT deal in their blog”


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