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Savox Communciations product design
Building Savox Communications Products

Our Expertise

Since its origins and mainly working with firefighters, the company has built its expertise and knowledge around the requirements of other professionals working in harsh and demanding, even hazardous, environments, intrinsically safe products being one of the specialties of the company. The focus of the products was and still is the requirements of the end-user. The products are developed around user needs and environments, always aiming for innovative and end-user-driven solutions. In addition to Savox® products, Savox´s competence and skills in communication equipment have been utilized by other companies as Savox also provides R&D and manufacturing services for partners.

Intrinsic safety

When the Environment Demands More

Intrinsically safe products refer to products that are safe to use in an environment that has explosion risk. These products must meet the strict requirements of various international and national regulations.

At Savox, intrinsically safe products are designed, developed, manufactured, and certified according to a process that meets the requirements and regulations. For products, this means additional quality control and traceability. For the users of Savox products, this means additional safety, as the goal of following the strict procedures, is to keep users safe in all environments.

Examples of regulations:
ATEX (Europe)
IECEx (International)

Hearing Protection

Savox has 50+ years of experience designing and manufacturing high quality hearing protection. Our hearing passive and electronic hearing protectors offer reliable communications and exceptional user comfort. Our products are trusted by industrial and military professionals, including consumers. 

All passive hearing protection products are made in Finland, CE-certified, and tested according to EN 352 and ANSI S3.19-1974 standards. Our operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

EU Declaration of Conformity Passive hearing protectors
EU Declaration of Conformity Electronic hearing protectors Part 1 
EU Declaration of Conformity Electronic hearing protectors Part 2
EU Declaration of Conformity Electronic hearing protectors Part 3 

Testing Savox products


Field Tested Design

Achieving high quality is a key issue for us all at Savox. We are committed to producing quality products that have been designed to be used in demanding conditions. Making sure our customers are happy with their chosen Savox product is of the highest priority for us. This means we follow strict quality processes and guidelines, and all our products are tested before they leave our premises.

We do rigorous testing, verification, and validation at the design phase to make sure our products fit the purpose and will withstand the use environments. Since our products are designed in cooperation with the end user, our products are field tested before they enter mass production. After production, all our equipment is tested before packing


In emergency conditions you have communication with your team.

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