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Savox Hardline Rescue Kit 3

Savox Hardline Rescue Kit 3 is designed for:

  • Confined space rescue
  • Collapse rescue
  • Urban search and rescue
  • High angle rescue

This entry level kit enables simultaneous, two-way voice communications between the rescuers and the victim. Rescuers use it where traditional radios fail or when hands-free, secured communications or intrinsically safe communications are required.

Attendants communicate with entrants and monitor their safety up to 1500 feet. The Rescue Kit 3 comes with 100 feet of cable.

Key Benefits

  • Hands free two-way voice communication
  • Use in encapsulated suits with respirators or any make/model of breathing apparatus
  • No miscommunication leading to better teamwork
  • Tested to MIL-STD 461
  • Private network
  • Emits no RF signals
  • Intrinsically safe approved
  • Rugged, reliable, chemical resistant

Technical Information

Kit Components List

  • 1 x CSI-1100 mini module
  • 1 x Talk box module
  • 1 x Cable splitter with protective pouch
  • 1 x Behind head headset single-side, 32"
  • 2 x Face mask rescue comset with universal speaker
  • 2 x Speaker harness
  • 1 x 1' Operator extension cable with mic mute switch
  • 1 x 10' Operator cable with mic mute switch
  • 2 x 100' Cable with connectors, strain relief & snap hook
  • 1 x CSI-1000 carry case (orange)


The Savox Con-Space Hardline systems and accessories are Intrinsically Safe Approved in the European Community when powered by approved batteries. *For approved batteries types, please refer to product-specific Control Drawings.

United States and Canada IS Approval (c ETL us listing) pending


IS Approval pending

United States

IS Approval pending

European Union

Intertek - II 1 GD; Ex ia IIC T4; 1000 Systems: ITS04ATEX21856X


IECEx - 1000 Systems: IECEx ITS06.0616X

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