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We create new concepts in close cooperation with our customers that are developed according to their needs. These concepts are solutions tailored specifically for the customer to support them in their daily operations. 

Savox Tactical Information System

Savox Tactical Information System is a holistic tactical communications concept including Savox Dismounted Soldier System and Mounted Solider System. 

Customer solutions

We deliver solutions that have been tailored to specific customer needs. Sometimes this means adding or removing features to adjust the product to the customer's intended use. Sometimes a completely new product is required depending on the customer's specifications. With the unique combination of Savox's in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities, we can offer full OEM services to our partners and customers. 


In addition to our portfolio of products and customer solutions, we offer various services. Our services aim to make our solutions last longer and allow our clients to operate smoothly in their daily operations.

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