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Career Stories Savox

Petteri Komulainen, Production Planner

Production Planner Petteri Komulainen works at Savox Communications since 2002. He appreciates the chance for career development and the exceptional team spirit keeps him motivated.

“I first started at Savox as trainee in production after finishing vocational training. My first task included hundreds of cables as I was responsible for assembly work. I still remember that I was very happy to get that job.  

After production tasks, I was involved with error defining and then moved on to maintenance. 

Career Story Petteri Komulainen

Finally, I started as Production Planner. Every task or role I ever had at Savox, has been great preparation for the following position which I’ve taken.

The career development has been continuous: I’ve had a chance to develop, that’s what Savox is to me.

We have such a great team here, the team spirit is exceptional. I respect that things always get done. Also, I’m very happy to work with my superiors, they do great job.”

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